Business Continuity and Incident Management

Ensure Business Continuity With Incident Management Solutions Adapted for Success

Data loss and incident management consultants.

Minimise disruption to your business with proactive strategies proven to safeguard your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Strengthen your long-term resilience against data loss and disruption

From natural disasters to cyber attacks, we can’t always predict the future… but we can safeguard it!

By helping you craft business continuity plans, we can ensure your operations aren’t impacted by data-related disruptions or downtime. Planning ahead of time, our expert consultants will leverage their expertise to build strategies that are proven to reduce the risks associated with data loss, cyber attacks, and human error.

However, if time is not on your side, our incident management support team can also come on board to help you contain and mitigate the effects of an attack, while also protecting you against future security breaches.

The perfect partner to help you get ahead of information and digital security challenges

With globally-recognised certifications and industry-specific knowledge, our consultants understand how to keep your business protected.

With in-depth knowledge of globally-recognised certifications such as ISO 27001 and NIST, our team is well-equipped to manage your organisation’s journey towards a more secure future.

By combining industry best practice with your specific needs, we ensure your team can navigate disruptions confidently, minimise downtime, and emerge stronger than ever.

Unlock the Pera Prometheus advantage

  • Benefit from business continuity and incident management strategies developed specifically for you
  • Align your operations with the latest regulations and compliance standards
  • Stay ahead of potential disruptions through proactive training interventions
  • Adapt strategies as you grow
  • Receive insights from experts in global best practice

Is your business prepared for every eventuality?

Data loss and recovery can drain valuable resources from your business — that’s why we recommend getting ahead of the risks.